After many difficulties, a 76-year-old…
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After many difficulties, a 76-year-old woman decides to start over again first by changing her look

April 07, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Life can subject a person to very hard tests, and even if you manage to push on, you will remain marked in your mind as well as in your body.

Traumatic experiences, sorrows, pains, are all wounds that affect the soul but that in the long run become evident even externally because the body reveals what has been kept inside for too long.

All this, Phoebe, knows very well, because fate completely upset her past and for a long time, obscured her future.

image: YouTube

At 76, Phoebe decided to move away from Vermont after having lived there for 49 years, a change so radical that it had a devastating effect on her.

In fact, the difficulty of adaptation was so marked that it made her ill, and after recovering she had to suffer an even harder blow, namely the death of her son.

The succession of these negative and very difficult events transformed her both inside and out, so as to modify her appearance so much that she looked to be in pretty bad shape.

One day by chance, Phoebe witnessed the broadcast of image consultant Christopher Jon Hopkins, also known as the Makeover Guy.

image: YouTube

Tired of passively "taking the blows" from life, she made the decision to turn to this very popular makeover artist for a complete restyling of her look. Moreover, Phoebe had also been very impressed by the results obtained by this professional on the other women as seen on his TV show.

In the images, you can see Phoebe in her "first version" and gradually see her stunning change, in clothing, makeup, and her new hairstyle.

As always, Christopher never misses his goal, and this time he has managed to once again realize the dream of many women, namely, to appear and feel like a real movie star.

image: YouTube

Phoebe's spectacular physical transformation also has had an immediate effect on her mood. In fact, it is clearly visible on her face; the happiness of seeing herself more beautiful and rejuvenated has also given her a much more confident and serene aspect.

The many misfortunes encountered along the way had made her almost forget what it meant to smile and take care of herself, but thanks to the infallible Makeover Guy everything now looks a lot rosier!

After being recharged with optimism, Phoebe is ready to get back on track, living day by day and adapting to her new dimension wherein she is enjoying the present and trying to be happy again.

Below is the video of the final result!


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