This restaurant has started to provide free food for people and animals in need

by Shirley Marie Bradby

April 26, 2019

This restaurant has started to provide free food for people and animals in need

Every day the so-called "civilized" or industrial society consumes more food than is necessary, with the result that a good part is often thrown away.

Consequently, it is almost inevitable that a part of the world suffers from hunger if the other has so much of it that it can afford to waste it.

Although the problem is as big as "a planet", change is possible if everyone chooses not to ignore it, if everyone decides to do their part.

This restaurant has started to provide free food for people and animals in need - 1

A concrete example of this philosophy is the initiative implemented by the Almacén Real restaurant located in the western part of the city in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In fact, at the entrance of the restaurant, a stand has been set up for the distribution of food and clothing for people in need. There is also a water trough and a pet food distributor for animals that live on the street.


In front of the stand at the top and bottom is a sign saying "Take what is enough to satisfy your hunger, remember that there are also other people in need."

One of the proponents and promoters of the idea is the owner of the restaurant, Alberio Rocha, who noticed how much food was wasted at the end of each day.

Instead of throwing away good food, he decided to distribute it for free outside the restaurant, putting the food in takeaway containers, to preserve it and to make access to the food easy for those who need it.

The same goes for stray dogs and cats that gather around the restaurant garbage cans at night trying to feed themselves with leftovers.

The free food project immediately became news also thanks to the social networks on which videos and photos were published that were soon viewed by many people and received millions of shares.

Joining this laudable gesture are the numerous customers at the restaurant, who also bring clothing and alimentary products to leave at the food stand and the pet food distributor every day.

O armazém real entrou em uma campanha para ajudar aos animais!!! Venha você também, participe conosco nessa ação social!! Av Santa Cruz 935 - Realengo

Pubblicato da Armazém Real su Sabato 17 marzo 2018

This is a demonstration of how solidarity can become contagious and stimulate others to make their own contribution.

This free food project is not a publicity or marketing gimmick and the management says that they do not intend to earn anything from this initiative.

However, the hope is that this enterprise will serve as an example also for other activities of this nature, so that more and more people will, in turn, act to provide assistance to those who are less fortunate.