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He rescues a puppy that other children…
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He rescues a puppy that other children were mistreating and takes it to a vet and soon the two become inseparable!

April 03, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nicolás, a 7-year-old boy who lives in Rosario, Argentina, has narrated that he saved a puppy from some of his peers who were torturing the animal. 

Nicolás also states that the boys were even willing to take the life of the defenseless puppy.

After rescuing the puppy from them, and using his savings to take it to a veterinarian for treatment, Nicolás decided to adopt the little puppy.

Thus, little Nicolás became, within the space of a few hours, the hero of the day!

It all started with a bike ride that for Nicolás has come to represent a very special moment in his life. On that unforgettable day, he saved a puppy dog from some boys between the ages of 8 and 12 years who were torturing it. 

Without a moment's hesitation, although they all were older boys, he asked them to stop hitting and kicking the puppy and then he ran to his house to ask for help. First, he told his mother and together they mobilized to save the life of the defenseless puppy that was clearly a victim of violence. 

The story of Nicolás's compassion and courage soon went viral on social networks, and in a few hours, more than a thousand people on Facebook had shared the news of what had happened. They also shared the appeal that was aimed at searching for someone to adopt the rescued puppy. 

Nicolás thanked the hundreds of users on social networks that had taken an interest in the little puppy, that Nicolás has named Esteban. 

Nicolás stated: "I was riding my bicycle, and then I saw some boys with a puppy closed up in a box. At one point one of them threw the puppy into a nearby ditch, counted to three -- and then kicked the puppy. They said they want to drown it. I called my mother, took the puppy and hurried home with it."

In short, if Nicolás had not intervened they would certainly have killed the little puppy! This is the sad truth, but fortunately, this cruel and senseless act was prevented.

Furthermore, there is some additional good news, besides the fact that Esteban is alive! Namely, that Nicolás, using his savings, immediately took the puppy to a veterinarian and in the end, he decided to keep it with him.

Now, the little puppy continues to follow Nicolás everywhere and awaits him every day when he comes back home from school to play with him.


Nicolás also has said: "I am very, very happy because now he can stay with me. When my sister comes home, we play with him and when we move and we will take him with us." 

His mother, Gisela, added: "Nicolás has always loved dogs since he was very young. Every time he sees one, he approaches and caresses it. When he started doing it, because of our fear, we told him to stop because the dogs could bite him. Then we explained to him that he had to approach them slowly so as not to frighten them. From that moment on, he has never stopped, so I'm not so surprised at what he did for the puppy, and I'm very proud of him."


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