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Our children need a dog as a friend:…
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Our children need a dog as a friend: 17 photos testify to the bond that can be born between them

June 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Does your child feel alone and have few friends? Dear mothers and fathers, do not be discouraged, waiting for a new brother or sister to come along to keep them company, why have you not thought about supporting your little one with a four-legged friend? A little dog (or even a bigger one, why not) can be the most faithful and affectionate companion that a child can have in its development phase, and there are many tender and sweet photos that testify to the deep bond that can be established between them.

For this reason we have collected together our favorite images for you that perfectly demonstrate that a friendship can be born between a child and a dog that goes beyond the tail, the hair and ... the four legs!

A photo that looks like something out of a Disney movie ...

A Dalmatian and a newborn baby, what could be more tender? 

Say hello to my son and his new friend!

Now they are a practically inseparable couple! 


With the company of a dog, you can overcome all limits ...

 This boy, who had been confined to a wheelchair, managed to walk together with the encouragement of his four-legged friend!

My dog is 17 and I had absolutely no idea he would live to meet my son!

Look at them, they are really cute! 

A tranquil nap ...

 And if you sleep in the company of your dog, even better!


Look at the joy on their faces ...

 In the end, it's true: a dog can definitely be a child's best friend!

A dressing up party between friends!

 And what better friend than a little dog: simply perfect!


Look at those cheeky faces!

image: Imgur

You can't help but love them madly!

A hug that needs no words ...

 The power of the most natural and instinctive physical gesture in the world!


The moment when dog and baby met for the first time ...

image: Imgur

A magical moment where it is impossible not to melt a little! 

Even if you live in poverty, four-legged friends are forever ...

 A simple gesture, sharing food, which takes on a very deep meaning here!

Acrobatics in the company of your four-legged friend!

image: Reddit

The friendship between child and dog is as old as the hills!

image: Imgur

Just look at this very old photograph dated 1910: how cute! 

What a marvellous picture!

The creator of the image says: "Our dog Kobe has been the only "child" in our house for 7 years and a month ago we had our first child. He struggled with jealousy until this moment when our son has turned one month old. Now I know they'll be good friends! "

Meet my daughter and my dog Bella!

The photographer said: "My dog Bella loves children. This is one of my favorite photos of her. I am a dog trainer, so I know that some people may not like having a dog around a child, but I assure you that Bella is an extremely well balanced dog!"

A simple moment, captured by a very evocative photo ...

 What a beautiful friendship between dog and child!

Who should I attend to first?

 My dog or my baby? They are both very, very demanding!


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