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A loving uncle takes care of his niece…
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A loving uncle takes care of his niece after her father decides to leave the family

May 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes life can be really crazy and unexpected; surprises, whether positive or negative, are always around the corner and perhaps it's this feeling of randomness and unpredictability that makes our life paths so unique. Unfortunately, however, when unforeseen events occur, you have to roll up your sleeves and find a solution, even if this could involve many sacrifices and some sorrow. Something that the anonymous uncle, protagonist of this incredible family story, experienced first hand...

An anonymous man on Reddit wanted to give free rein to his anger, his concern and his frustration about what had happened to his family which, after a burning revelation, was turned upside down. The cause of this upheaval was the revelation that the man's brother discovered after six years that he was not his daughter's biological father. One of the worst consequences was the abandonment by her father, who no longer wanted to know about his partner who had lied to him, nor about his daughter, who had quickly been relegated from being his biological child to the child of another man...

The man, the girl's uncle, told on Reddit: "More than a year ago my brother found out that my niece, who was 6 at the time, was not his biological daughter. His ex-girlfriend had lied to him. What my brother did next was pretty much cut off all contact with his ex and my niece. He moved out of their apartment and refused to have anything to do with the two of them..."

The whole family, however, began to cut ties with the woman and the child, since the the woman had lied to everyone, first of all to the child's father; the girl's uncle, however, knew in his heart that that little girl had nothing to do with this whole story, and was just an innocent victim of a game of secrets and lies bigger than her; then, an unexpected turn of events made uncle and niece forever bind their fates: "Before all this happened, my niece's mother started having health problems and now we are discovering that her time is limited. She herself has no other family, so she is asking me if I would take over as legal guardian for my niece once she is no longer here. We have not started the legal process yet, but I have already decided that I will take care of her. My parents are completely against it as it means my niece will be in my life permanently and they've told me I'm a horrible person for putting my brother in this kind of awkward position. What do you think, did I do the right thing? "

Obviously, many Reddit users have sided with the loving and caring uncle, who is now fighting his own family to give the little girl a better future.

Did he do the right thing in your opinion?


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