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15 adorable photos to show that children…
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15 adorable photos to show that children need a dog in their life

March 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Some parents are reluctant to acquire a pet when there is a child in the house, especially if they are still very young. But children also need an animal in their life: they offer them comfort and companionship, help them learn and create bonds, can be a playmate and often protect them from danger. Certainly a bond of mutual respect must be established between the dog and the child, and in this the parents have a central role: the dog must be trained to obey the commands of the parents, not to bite the children and to play with them without being too rough. On the other hand, the children must learn to pet dogs correctly and to respect their space, for example when they eat. We have selected 15 touching photos that demonstrate why children, and all of us in general, need the love and company of a dog in our lives.

1. What smiles!

2. Sleeping in good company.

The woman had just given birth to a baby boy, and was concerned about the first meeting with her little dog. However, all fear disappeared immediately: after a few minutes the two had already become best friends.


3. A tender moment between two young ones.

4. A dog makes a wonderfully comfortable pillow.

5. Made for each other.


6. What cute looks!

 The baby's mom had to capture this scene: they were both watching Peppa Pig intently when she interrupted them.

7. She really wanted to adopt another puppy.

Although this little girl already had two dogs, she wholeheartedly wanted to adopt another homeless puppy. In this photo, the family, complete with the new member, are on their way home.


8. He watches over her even when she's sleeping.

image: jon1045/imgur

9. Two pups in a basket.


10. Comfortable and relaxed.

11. What did they see?

12. The same pose.

13. They're watching the bicycles in the park.

image: imgur

14. Best friends.

image: SThist/reddit

15. They both seem to be anticipating something good.

image: imgur

They play together, they sleep together, they watch and learn together: sometimes it's the children who imitate their dog and sometimes the dog imitates the owner. From an early age, children can have someone they can rely on and grow up with: we are sure that, over time, their bonds will only grow stronger.

And were you lucky enough to grow up with a pet?


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