This performance of Japanese synchronized…
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This performance of Japanese synchronized walking is so perfect that you will remain mesmerized

November 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That of the synchronized walking is a discipline that perhaps outside of Asian countries is not well known, but that manages to create such a spectacular show that it can be appreciated even by untrained eyes.

The official name is Shuudan koudou, which literally means "group action" or "collective movement". To prepare for this demonstration of perfection, the students walk together for hundreds of miles, fine-tuning their amazing choreography.

Initially, the discipline was reserved for only men, but in 2011, it was also opened to female participants.

Shuudan Koudou not only empowers individual self-control skills but also the ability to cooperate and organize with a group by aligning - literally and metaphorically - oneself with others.

Therefore, for the Japanese culture, it is a discipline particularly suited to preparing young people for the world of work, in which they will be asked to follow the rules and coordinate with other colleagues.

We leave you now to watch this extraordinary performance. Initially, the young students seem to follow random trajectories, but in certain parts of the routine, you begin to realize that every little movement has been calculated with a precision that is unbelievable.


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