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This performance of Japanese synchronized walking is so perfect that you will remain mesmerized

That of the synchronized walking is a discipline that perhaps outside of Asian countries is not well known, but that manages to create such a spectacular show that it can be appreciated even by untrained…

IKEA asks students to "bully" a plant for 30 days and the result opens our eyes!

On May 4, World Anti-Bullying Day, IKEA presented the results of "Bully a Plant", an interesting experiment on verbal and physical violence. The study, conducted in Dubai, saw the active participation…

13 daily phrases that suggest the inferiority of women ... without realizing it!

What is defined by the experts as "micro-machismo" are all those subtle and apparently naive attitudes with which society continues to pass on the idea of a weak and vulnerable woman, that is to say,…

14 good reasons why those who move to Canada never come back!

The harsh winters may not make it the one hundred percent favorite destination but among the countries to which a lot of people attempt to immigrate, Canada certainly occupies an important position.…

10 authoritative Confucius maxims that will change your conception of the world

Confucius was probably the most important philosopher in Eastern history. Throughout his life he was constantly involved in investigating human nature, focusing on important issues such as morality, ethics,…

14 Asian curiosities that will leave you speechless

Globalization has led to the diffusion in Europe of the American tradition of celebrating Halloween as well as having made Christmas known in China! Nevertheless, certain traditions, objects, and ways…

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