9 gestures that reveal if there is a gentleman by your side

Shirley Marie Bradby

December 07, 2017

9 gestures that reveal if there is a gentleman by your side

Although today we tend to think that the gestures and forms of even common courtesy are progressively disappearing, some men still remember not to take for granted those small gestures that can make the difference.

In fact, chivalry consists of actions that sometimes go unnoticed, but which conceal fundamental values for a gentleman, such as honor, elegance, respect or altruism

The following examples will help you understand if the man by your side can be considered to be a true gentleman.

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1 Kiss a woman on the forehead. 

A man can make a woman feel protected and loved just by giving her a kiss on the forehead. In fact, this gesture is usually performed by a person who cares particularly for the other person. Through this kiss, a man seems to promise protection and a concerned interest, as well as arousing positive feelings in those who receive it. 

2 Help her put on her coat. 

The gesture of helping a woman to put on her coat should be interpreted as an act of polite and dispassionate kindness. In fact, an act of courtesy does not necessarily hide a profound emotional meaning --- sometimes it is presented as a simple act of thoughtful kindness towards the other.

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3 Show sincere interest in her. 

Whether it is simply asking questions about the emotional states of a woman, taking an interest in her activities or getting involved in the everyday life of the family, a true gentleman is always able to make a woman feel appreciated and loved. The fact of showing interest in a woman is always perceived as an act of chivalry (as long as it does not have a hidden agenda)! 

4 Prove you to be there anyway. 

Although a woman already knows for herself how to deal with the various situations that arise before her, a man capable of constantly guaranteeing her support and protection can help her to face them with greater certainty. The fact of having someone you can count on appears, in fact, both as a solid certainty on which to base oneself, and as a sign of the excellent moral qualities possessed by that someone.


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5 Leave the last morsel of food for her. 

It may seem trivial, but the fact that a man leaves the last portion of a dish (especially if it is very tasty!) for a woman is to be considered a clear sign of his affection for her. A man who often remembers to share his pleasures with the lady he loves always appears, in addition, to be extremely caring and courteous towards her!

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6 Fill her car gas tank. 

One thing that can really please a woman is to get inside her car and find that the gas tank is already full thanks to her man! Even though it might not seem so, but this gesture is considered part of the implicit code of being chivalrous and makes a woman understand how much her man thinks and cares about her. 

7 Open the door for her. 

Perhaps the image that immediately comes to mind when talking about gallantry is that of a man who opens the door for a woman. Used to the extreme in the world of cinema and photography, this action is, in fact, a clear example of courtesy and elegance. By opening the door (or the car door) for a woman, a man places himself at her disposal and guarantees her the attention that she needs.

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8 Give her presents without a specific reason. 

If it is true that the most beautiful surprises are those that arrive unexpectedly, it is also true that the best gifts are those received without a specific reason and unexpectedly. For example, a man can catch a glimpse of a particular object in a store window and decide to buy it to surprise his woman. Actions of this kind serve to demonstrate altruism and the will to make one's woman happy.


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9 Presenting your woman to the people you are talking to. 

It can happen, while out walking as a couple, to run into (his) friends or acquaintances. On such occasions, a man lets others know that he is a gentleman simply by presenting his woman to the people he is acquainted with, in order to not make her feel left out and so that she can also participate and interact if she so desires.

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Now that you have become aware of these gestures, do you think that the man at your side is in the circle of men who can be called gentlemen?