Sage and rosemary bundles: according…
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Sage and rosemary bundles: according to Native American tradition, these two herbs can help ward off negative energies

July 06, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

According to a thousand-year-old Native American tradition, the act of burning aromatic plants can purify the soul and clean the air in one's environment of negative energies. The ritual consisted in binding plants and herbs, like sage and pine needles, together and, once dried out, they'd light them on fire and let their smoke spread through whatever area they wished to purify. 

Although these days, it might be difficult to find pine needles just lying around, rosemary is pretty easy to find and usually even available at your local grocery store. If you're looking for a way to relax and clear your mind/environment of negative energy, these aromatic bundles are pretty easy to make. All you have to do is gather a thick bundle of rosemary and sage stems together and wind them up tightly with thick string or yarn (as seen in the photo blow).   

Tie two knots at both ends of the bundles, so as to not let any of the sage leaves or rosemary needles fall out, and leave them to dry for a few days. 

After a couple days, your bundles are ready to start purifying the air! The next step is simple: take a match or a lighter and ignite your bundles. The smell can be a little intense at first, but it'll have you feeling relaxed and thinking more clearly in no time!  


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