14 good reasons why those who move to…
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14 good reasons why those who move to Canada never come back!

March 01, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The harsh winters may not make it the one hundred percent favorite destination but among the countries to which a lot of people attempt to immigrate, Canada certainly occupies an important position.

The "promise" of excellent job opportunities in a country that can still accommodate more people is not the only motivation that drives so many people to apply for a visa, settle there, and not look back.

Even the socio-cultural and naturalistic features that characterize Canada are important! Here, we reveal some curiosities!

1. Canadians are generous.

Joining initiatives such as those that leave used clothes hanging in certain areas in the cities or towns, so that they are accessible to those in need is something that Canadians do promptly and willingly.

2. They have a strong sense of humor! Just think that there are people who even play jokes on the police!

image: Simon Laprise

3. It is not unusual to see people on the street with signs bearing encouraging slogans to make others smile.

4. Perhaps you are hesitant to approach your car because you think you have been given a parking ticket, instead, you discover that someone wanted to compliment you!

5. Performing small acts of kindness is a common habit.

image: imgur

Here a policeman stops just to buy a cup of lemonade!


6. Canada has this man as Prime Minister.

image: Wikipedia

Cultured, friendly, good-looking, athletic, open-minded ... To not admire Justin Trudeau is impossible!


7. Some cars have a bear-shaped license plate.

In the northern provinces, this type of license plate was issued until 1999.

8. It is a country rich in natural resources.

image: Wikipedia

And we are not talking just about oil! Canadian landscapes with their beautiful forests and enchanting lakes are known all over the world!


9. The government protects its endless forests.

In Canada, there is a protected forest area twice the size of Belgium.

10. "Magic" banknotes are in circulation.

Being made of plastic, Canadian banknotes are really very difficult to damage. In addition, Canadian dollars have a hologram hidden in the maple leaf design.

11. Canadians have a highly developed sense of honesty.

What you see is the pile of money left by the subway passengers on the broken turnstile. Before the subway workers intervened to repair it, people thought that the honest thing to do would be to leave the ticket money on the turnstile anyway. Science fiction? No, Canada.

12. Aliens are also welcomed! Hello, ET!

In 1967, a landing platform for alien spacecraft was created in the town of St Paul (Alberta). Still, today the landing platform is a hallmark of the city and houses a museum visited by thousands of fans of extraterrestrial theories.

13. The social assistance system is supported by the existence of numerous non-profit organizations that take care of the most needy.

14. Even the beauty and wealth of Canadian wildlife is breathtaking!

Moving to Canada may not be for everyone ... But for sure it is a country from which we can draw useful insights to improve the realities in which we live!


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