It's lunchtime for Japanese students:…
A woman goes to check on her horse....BUT she does not expect to see THAT on its head! They are playing ball at the beach ... and when it's the dog's turn? Wow!? Bow Wow!

It's lunchtime for Japanese students: what they are taught to do is amazing!

February 14, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

Every day, all human beings eat, sleep, and talk to each other. But if you think that each of these actions is done in the same way around the world, you are wrong. There are so many different cultures that even a simple meal, is served at different times, with traditions, and in ways that are totally different from one part to another of the world.

Lunchtime in Japanese schools follows a very specific procedure which is aimed at continuing to educate children even when academic subjects are not being taught. The lunchtime organization of the food to be consumed involves the entire educational institution from the planting, growing, harvesting, preparation, and distribution, to the waste collection for recycling -- all of which deserves our enthusiastic applause!

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