A woman goes to check on her horse....BUT…
RED WINE stain on a shirt? --- The life hack used to remove it is completely UNEXPECTED! It's lunchtime for Japanese students: what they are taught to do is amazing!

A woman goes to check on her horse....BUT she does not expect to see THAT on its head!

February 14, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

The owner of this horse-riding school was pleasantly surprised when she went to the barn to check on one of her horses! What she saw was her horse Rocky receiving a visit from his very affectionate friend Chickaleta. The only unusual and surprising detail is that the horse's friend Chickaleta, is a hen!

These two animals are so different in shape and size and temperament, but nevertheless, they seem to get along very well together! Chickaleta wanders undisturbed all over the body of the horse who does not appear to mind at all, and who actually seems to be eager for company and to enjoy it! :)

Tags: AnimalsFunnyHorses

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