He lets his horses out during a snowfall,…
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He lets his horses out during a snowfall, but the reaction is not what he expected ...

February 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Often we fall into the error of thinking that our pets are somehow immune to the cold winter temperatures, and therefore do nothing to protect them from the elements.

How many times have you seen a poor dog left outside in the middle of winter? It is true that the ability of dogs to withstand harsh climates is high and incomparable to ours, but this does not mean that it should be put to the test!

Always on the same topic, we want to offer a very nice video, which clearly summarizes what we mean. The protagonists are two horses, which are reported to be two sisters.

image: Youtube

In this short video, you see their owner open the door of the barn, convinced that the two animals will throw themselves into the snow and begin to roll around like over-excited children. But that's not what happens! 

The two horses seem to understand at the same moment that going out into the falling snow is not an option to be taken into consideration, and they turn around in a coordinated and exhilarating movement and run right back into the barn! A bit like us humans, when we come out full of energy from under our warm bedclothes and then we understand after two steps that it was not a good idea ...

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