A horse enters a stranger's house and…
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A horse enters a stranger's house and its owner confirms that the animal loves indoor spaces

December 29, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, the spirit of tolerance and good neighborliness is truly present more than in other cities.

A horse, (a mare) named Sharq is well aware of this, and therefore, had no problem or hesitation about entering a house in her neighborhood, without being invited.

Sharq simply slipped away from her owner's barn to take a tour of the surrounding neighborhood.

We do not know what route she followed, but what is certain is that the horse ended up inside Doug Renoe's house, who recounted the incident via Facebook!

Doug and his wife suddenly found an unexpected guest in their house and Doug immediately posted an announcement with photos, on Facebook to find the owner of the animal: "Is anyone in the Highcliff area missing a horse?" This one has come inside eaten half of my dinner, and also my wife's carrots from the garden. We will keep her for a pet if not claimed. - Doug" 

Here is the post where Doug asks about the lost horse.

Although the horse Sharq had taken some freedoms as a decidedly uninvited guest, she had found someone willing to welcome her into their family, in case it was necessary.

However, thanks to the post on social media, Sharq's owner, Ben Telfer-Hynes, was promptly notified of what his horse had done and where she had ended up.

In fact, Ben was not at all surprised that Sharq had entered the man's house: "She is a horse who loves interiors. I am not surprised that she entered this man's house."


The horse was safely taken back to her residence without further unexpected events, but the story of her adventure is not entirely an end in itself!

In fact, this incident shows that in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, strangers are simply good friends that you have not met yet!

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