13 daily phrases that suggest the inferiority of women ... without realizing it!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

March 14, 2018

13 daily phrases that suggest the inferiority of women ... without realizing it!

What is defined by the experts as "micro-machismo" are all those subtle and apparently naive attitudes with which society continues to pass on the idea of a weak and vulnerable woman, that is to say, inferior to a man. 

Some of these actions are obviously a cultural heritage of historical periods in which gender equality seemed only a science fiction hypothesis, and some of us adopt it without even realizing it.

But there are some phrases that are often said which have the purpose of relegating women to their status, confirming their role of inferiority at the social level.

Here are 13 examples that you have probably heard or perhaps spoken.



1. "Why don't you try to be a little more feminine?" - The sentence assumes that the value of a woman is measured by femininity, usually understood as delicate attitudes and appropriate attire. 
2. "What you need is a boyfriend." - This idea assumes that an agitated or nervous woman can be calmed only by the authoritative presence of a man. 
3. "You have learned to cook! Congratulations! You are the kind to marry!" - As if a woman's ability to cook is acquired automatically for the purpose of preparing meals for her husband and children. 
4. "I say it for your own good, don't you think that talking to so many guys will make them think you're easy?" - The same attitude that for a man is a source of pride, for women, can generate defamation. 
5. "When are you going to have a child?" - A phrase that suggests that pregnancy is the sole and main purpose of a woman's life. 
6. "If you dress provocatively, it is normal that men do not take you seriously." - Is dressing provocatively a sign of promiscuity and is it a clear encouragement for harassment? 
7. "What does your brother have to do with it, he is a guy?" - In families with children of both sexes, often discriminations are made even without realizing it. 
8. "What a black mood ... Are you on your period by chance?" 
9. "They gave her the position ... I think she did something with the boss." - Assuming that a girl does not have the ability to get a job in an ordinary way. 
10. "You are lucky! You have a husband who helps you with the housework." - This very common phrase implies that the care of the house is the exclusive responsibility of a woman and that a man does her a favor by contributing from time to time. 
11. "It is not nice to hear these words from the mouth of a young lady!" - Are there words for men and words for women? 
12. "If they out go alone on the street, something can happen." - Whether they are 2 girls or 20, if there is not a man among them, they are always '"alone". 
13. "Why don't you take care of your appearance a little more? The way you look, nobody will want you ..."

Do you hear or have you heard phrases like these? Even if they are said without the intention of denigrating, they are nonetheless a subtle and impalpable way of perpetuating a certain idea about women. We can all contribute in our own small way ... for example, by asking all those we know not to say them anymore!