An opossum steals a cat's dinner and the cat reacts in the funniest of ways -
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An opossum steals a cat's dinner and…
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An opossum steals a cat's dinner and the cat reacts in the funniest of ways


Cats are very independent and determined creatures, and they know how to make other animals even much larger than them such as bears or dogs respect them. Faced with unanticipated rudeness, however, they sometimes lose all their indomitable character.

This is the case of this kitten, who went out on the porch to enjoy dinner but found an unexpected guest. An opossum had arrived without an invitation and was, in fact, stealing the kitten's food!

The kitten, wisely, decides not to argue and instead looks for help from his human friend. The kitten's pained and impotent expressions are really adorable. However, you can rest assured, that shortly after these photos had been taken, the kitten also received its ration of food ... but it still probably sulked all day!

"Hi friend, are you lost? Er ... that would be MY dinner!"

"Um ... can someone help me?"


"There has been a mistake!... You gave MY dinner to this impostor!"

"Are you really going to just stand there without doing anything? Ok, I can handle it alone!"

" Hey, listen, we can always share, right my friend ...?"


"Well ...Ok, Ok...I'm sorry ... go right ahead!"

"You will pay for this!"

When it is said that an animal is so intelligent and expressive that the only thing missing is the ability to speak ... this situation perfectly illustrates that idea.

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