A cat hears a dog cry at the vet's and…
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A cat hears a dog cry at the vet's and tries to "defend" it by scratching the veterinarian

May 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes animals have behaviors so surprising and unusual that there is the doubt that they only miss having language to be practically the same as us. Among them, there is often a particular instinct that makes them able to perceive a dangerous situation, even between animals of totally different species.

Who said, in fact, that dogs and cats do not like each other and that they cannot help each other out when and if necessary? The two animal protagonists of our story demonstrate the opposite. The situation is one that, among all, perhaps arouses most fear for a pet: a visit to the vet for routine vaccinations.

The vet's is not a happy place for any animal, regardless of species. So an attentive cat, when he heard a dog cry about to be stung by the vet's vaccination needle, instinctively and without thinking twice, decided it was time to act. The cat, who was in the vet's office, experienced first-hand the classic scene like when, for example, we are in the waiting room at the dentist and we hear the complaints of those ahead of us who are having treatment ...

Thinking that the dog was suffering or was mistreated by the unsuspecting veterinarian, he advanced on the man and scratched him on the legs with his claws, in what was a real attack. Not content with just using his nails, the cat even tried to bite the vet. Instinctively, the man pushed the cat away, trying to reassure him that no one would hurt the "poor" dog.


An "heroic" gesture, therefore, by the cat in question, who was unable to endure the dog's suffering in the doctor's office. An act that speaks volumes about how much animals are united with each other, even though they belong to different species. An instinct for protection and solidarity from which we should all learn, whenever we are faced with some injustice or violence and perhaps we prefer to turn away.

 Below is the link to the video showing the scene:


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