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24 images to remind us that the world…
An opossum steals a cat's dinner and the cat reacts in the funniest of ways Each dress is a masterpiece of precision --- the creations of this French designer are like a dream come true!

24 images to remind us that the world can be a truly absurd place

March 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some people are eccentric, others can capture people's attention without even realizing it, and then there are those individuals who seem to have a marked talent for annoying other people by messing up everything they touch!

Furthermore, often to witness some very strange things, you do not even need to leave your house!

By the way ... before you start, we warn you --- looking for a logical explanation to these photos is a waste of time! Better to just focus on the sensations these images trigger!

Okay, you are tall, but is this really the way to wait at the checkout counter?

Rude roommate? Spiteful brother? Whoever it was ... Risks lynching! 😛


It is not that we are experts, but the lids from drinking cups do not seem to be very reliable ...

image: Imgur

This strawberry will have to grow a lot to complete its life cycle!

When you just want to join the chorus, whatever the cost!


Master, do something ... My girlfriend is behaving in a weird way!

He was looking for a secluded place in the conference room ...


It may take a few minutes to locate your floor number.

A curious game of shadows in the kitchen ...


You will be surprised at the culinary skills of cats!

In this house, this is how we greet each other! You have been warned before entering!

In the do-it-yourself era, EVERYTHING is reused.

Same product and colors but different PRICES!

When you take advantage of the snow to discourage visitors ...

Posing with a pineapple --- and for some reason, he thinks it's cool.

Just a dog waiting for its master. Yes... but ... Sitting?!

This lemon obviously did not want to stick to the rules! It has been a rebel since birth!

Have you ever seen a beer sponsored by a store mannequin wearing a lobster suit costume? How strange is that? ...

We wonder what creature is hiding inside ...

image: catsmob.com

Today dinner will be served outdoors with TV, a tapestry, and ... lots of snow!

We will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that they had finished their plastic sandwich bags.

The owner wants to take a selfie, the cat ... No.

The usual supermarket clothing ... Don't you also go shopping dressed like this?

image: hn.tiin.vn
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