Mother chooses a water birth: but instead of a simple pool, she decides to do it in the ocean -
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Mother chooses a water birth: but instead…
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Mother chooses a water birth: but instead of a simple pool, she decides to do it in the ocean

June 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Nowadays, there are so many ways to choose from on how to deliver your baby. Having surpassed the olden days in which women usually gave birth at home, we have been accustomed to thinking of childbirth as something to do in a hospital, surrounded by specialized personnel who assist and support the mother in her delivery. For a while now, however, we have heard about new birthing techniques such as, for example, giving birth in water. By this we mean a planned and organized birthing event, in which a tub or swimming pool full of fresh water is made available for the pregnant woman.

The mother we want to tell you about opted for an even more unique choice, and her baby was born in some very special waters. Here is their story:

Josy Peukert and Benni Cornelius are a couple, originally from Germany, who moved to Central America many years ago - more specifically, they moved to Nicaragua. This is where they decided to start a family and this is where their 4 children were born. The woman, in all four cases, opted for a completely different types of childbirth methods: the first was born in a clinic, the second at home - where she took care of everything, and the third was also delivered at home - but this time, with the help from a midwife. And the fourth?

Disappointed by her previous experiences, Josy decided that her forth birth would take place in water. Not just any random body of water, but in the Pacific Ocean. You read that right - she and her husband went to a beautiful beach and performed the delivery by themselves, and provided video footage of this very special moment.

"I had not been checked by a doctor and we didn't know when our little one would be born," said Josy. She continued: "But we trusted God and we knew he would help us. We kept an eye on the tide for some time and, once we were sure that neither I nor the baby would be in danger, we made our final decision ".
So, after a long labor in the ocean waters, the woman gave birth to their son, named Bodhi Amor Ocean, and everything was captured on video by her husband, which he later posted to Instagram. These touching and exhilarating images have made the rounds of the web and that have gathered mixed opinions and comments. Many congratulated the two parents, while others were less complimentary. Not understanding the decision of the parents, some users have questioned the wisdom of this type of behaviour. In particular, they wondered how healthy it was for a baby to be newly born and come into contact with salt water immediately.

But apparently there is nothing to worry about, considering also - as Josy herself wrote in response to the many comments - that her child is fine and has not had any kind of adverse reactions to being born in salt water. But, after all, his mom and dad already knew in their hearts that everything would be fine and that their child would be born happy and healthy.

We just want to wish this little one all the joy possible and that his life will be as special as his birth.

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