Upon awakening from a coma, a young…
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Upon awakening from a coma, a young woman discovers that her boyfriend has run off

June 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Each of us, in the course of our lives, could find ourselves having to face difficult and complicated situations. One of the worst things in this regard could be a problem related to health and physical well-being. In such cases we hope that loved ones will stay by our side and give us all the help they can - but this does not always happen.

The young woman we are about to tell you about, know a bit about facing a problem like this. Badly injured in a bad accident, this young woman remained in a coma for 4 weeks. Upon awakening, she discovered that her boyfriend had left her. Read on to find out exactly what happened: 

Brie Duval is a young woman who moved from Canada to live in Australia. It was here that she experienced one of the worst moments of her life: she spent four weeks in a coma due to an accidental fall in a parking lot. Rushed to the hospital, Brie was well cared for, but that didn't prevent her from being in a coma for about a month. During these long four weeks, her family members tried to be as supportive as they could be, but one person never visited the hospital: her boyfriend. Together with this man for about 4 years, Briel had never experienced major problems between them, but obviously something was wrong and her boyfriend took advantage of Brie's hospitalization to simply disappear.

That's right, he just up and vanished. Vanished is right word for what the man had done. Upon awakening from her coma, Brie saw her parents at her bedside  and expected to find her boyfriend there as well - but he was missing. He was not present at the time Brie woke up and never showed up at all later. Perplexed, the young woman, as soon as she was able to, tried to contact her boyfriend by phone, but he was unreachable. Eventually, she discovered that he had blocked her on all of his social networks accounts and had completely cut off any type of contact with her. And the worst thing is that  he had done all this behind Brie's back and while she was in a coma.

When she realized what had happened, Brie decided to share her experience on social media networks recounting the story of her accident and how her boyfriend had abandoned her. She specially opened an account on Tik Tok and posted her experiences on it.

This is a horrible story - not just because of the accident, but also for the behavior of the person who should have been by her side during her darkest hour. On the contrary, he boyfriend took advantage of the situation and ran away without even bothering to give her an explanation. Still, it is probably best that Brie is no longer with a person like this - a person with courage or scruples. Over time, Brie will realize that she has not lost a treasure and is better off in the long run.

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