Father-in-law walks out hand in hand…
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Father-in-law walks out hand in hand with his son-in-law to help him overcome the fear of doing so with his boyfriend in public

June 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Negative experiences shape us, but they should be left in the past to allow us to move forward as normally as possible, and with more wisdom. Bullying and teasing can start very early in a child's life, for example, traumatizing them for years to come. Unfortunately, in our society there are still many acts of discrimination based on linguistic, sexual and religious grounds - not to mention those based on attacking different ethnic groups. We must all keep our eyes open and combat this unjustified discrimination as much as possible. Being homosexual nowadays, for example, still carries a stigma (and risks), due to the widespread ignorance amongst those who do not accept this type of relationship. In several countries homosexuality is not accepted nor legal and in many others it is not uncommon to come across many sad tales about blatant homophobia. The story we are about to tell you is about the desire to overcome these fears and to have love win out over hate.

Fran, a young Spaniard, admitted to his partner Rubén, that he was afraid to hold hands with him in public. The reason was linked to the many homophobic attacks and acts that have occurred over the years in various areas and that have pushed more and more gay couples to "hide" themselves. Although LGBT rights in the world have made great strides, fear is still present in those who have suffered prejudice and have been discriminated against for being the way they are.

Rubén was upset that he could not hold his boyfriend's hand during a walk, so when the couple returned home, he told his father about it: "It all happened so suddenly - Rubén got angry with me because I didn't want to hold his hand, and when we got to his father's house, he told him what I had done," said Fran. Rubén's father, at that point, was definitly not indifferent to this question and helped Fran in a wonderful way: the man went out with Fran, hand in hand, on the streets of Oviedo, Spain.

The photos of this tender scene, taken by Rubén, were posted on Twitter with this message: "My boyfriend is afraid to hold my hand on the street in case someone offends us or attacks us. My father told him he would help him overcome his fear, and here they are".

Of course, their post was flooded with positive messages, praising Ruben's father and his wonderful gesture. Fran wanted to add his thoughts about the situation in general: "There are people who think that we have nothing more to overcome, and that since marriage between homosexuals is now legal, everything has been achieved. This is not so. Many gay people are still afraid to show publically what they are and to show their love for each other openly. And there are many who, unfortunately, have been attacked and humiliated ".

The act by Ruben's father was a very humane, understanding gesture of love, which we hope will spread its positively to and bring some hope to those who are still victims of discrimination to this day.


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