This mother faced a lot of criticism for piercing the ears of her newborn daughter -
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This mother faced a lot of criticism…
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This mother faced a lot of criticism for piercing the ears of her newborn daughter

June 24, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When a child is born, what is the first thing a parent does? Everyone has their own answer depending on their experience and what they prefer. The mother we are about to tell you about has drawn a lot of attention to herself and a lot of criticism for her choices regarding her newborn baby, Lara. This little baby, just 24 hours after coming into the world, had her ears pierced.

Now with a shimmering flower decorating one of her small earlobes, did not find much support among the many followers who found out about this incident. But let's take a look at exactly what happened:

Published on the mother's TikTok account, the video shows little Lara still in diapers and born only a few hours ago - but already with earrings her ears. The video has gone viral. The reactions of viewers to the sight of the baby wearing flower-shaped earrings - at her tender age - were not complimentary and the criticisms levelled against the new mother were numerous and vocal.

Many of the viewers questioned the appropriateness of giving any baby ear piercings so quickly. According to them, the mother could have waited for a while and then pierced her ears later. Others suggested that it would have been more appropriate to leave Lara with the choice to pierce - or not - her ears when she grows up. "Of course it's absurd," reads a comment, "When my daughter was born, earrings were at the bottom of the list of things I had to think about"; "I just can't understand this. How could she inflict this pain on such a tender infant,"  another comment states.  A flood of negative comments were posted that lash out at the woman and criticize her harshly for having taken this rash decision.

But there were others, that were supportive of the new mother and said that, in her role, she has the right to decide what is right or wrong for her little girl. One user specifically stated that he had his child tattooed and he didn't see anything strange in doing this, let alone an getting an earring.

The woman, of course, responded to the comments, claiming that she had done nothing wrong and, above all, that she was convinced that Lara had felt very little pain, since she had not cried when the small holes were made. Not to mention that everything had been performed by specialized doctors, and therefore the child was never at risk of harm.


What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the actions of this new mother?


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