Father discovers that his son made fun…
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Father discovers that his son made fun of a classmate because of his footwear: he forces him to wear sandals (+ VIDEO)

June 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Parents provide first examples that a child will follow as they are always around, day after day, and ever since he or she came into the world. It is therefore essential that both mum and dad act with due care, to forge the character of their children and turn them into responsible adults. The father who is the subject of this story, perhaps took overly tough action, but he did it to teach his son a life lesson that we believe he will not forget anytime soon. Young Jorge had made fun of one of his classmates because of his shoes; Jorge's father then decided to punish him for bullying the child, making him wear shoes he didn't like - an old pair of sandals. The punishment did not end there, however.

Every parent chooses the educational methods they want to use to teach their children how to operate in the world. You can argue endlessly about what is right or wrong, but the truth is that there is no handbook with a set of "golden rules" for being a good parent. This father found out that his teenage son had bullied a classmate over a pair of shoes. Jorge, a strong fan of Adidas footwear, thought he could make fun of a classmate just because he didn't own any branded shoes. The boy's father, when he found out what his son had done, decided to teach him a lesson:

"Today I am going to give my son, Jorge, a lesson in life and humility" he says in the video posted on TikTok, "and, above all, a lesson in mutual respect. Here I am at his school, and I have already asked the for teacher to let me pull Jorge out of class to learn a different type of lesson."

Jorge had made fun of a schoolmate who apparently could not afford the lastest, branded (fashionable) sneakers, which is why his father now forced him to go to school in a pair of beat-up, open toed sandals. Jorge was made to go to school for a week in footwear he hated.

"I'll send him to school all week in those sandals," said the father, "so that he attracts attention and learns his lesson: he should never make people with fewer opportunities than himself feel inferior to him. I come from humble origins. I'm not a millionaire, but I've changed our lives for the better," he said, referring to his family situation, which is better financially than many others.


The father's punishment, however, did not end there: Jorge had to give his favorite shoes, a new pair of Adidas, to his schoolmate, Alan - the victim of his bullying and teasing.

"That you and I have food and can buy branded things, save money, etc ... shouldn't make you feel superior to other people. Neither does wearing sandals make you inferior; nor does it give you the right to make fun of other people," added the father. "When I was your age, I didn't even have enough to eat; I had to walk 5 km to get to school almost barefoot ... would you have liked others to have made fun of me? Why did you make fun of your classmate about his footwear? You know what he and his family are going through - it wasn't right " he stressed to his son in the video.

"People will say that this punishment was cruel or whatever, but it seems to me that it is a good lesson. I will not be able to leave you millions of dollars or luxury cars, or villas, but I will leave you good values, a proper education and I will leave you a lot of love", he finally added to his lecture to his son.

The young man looks genuinely sorry and mortified in the video, and we believe he has definitely learned his lesson. What do you think about this punishment? Was this dad too hard on his son, or do you think he was right to do what he did?


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