A young man of humble origins studied using books found in the garbage: today he attends a prestigious university

by Mark Bennett

October 06, 2022

A young man of humble origins studied using books found in the garbage: today he attends a prestigious university

Sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of education - especially when we are young. Most of the time, lessons can be boring and the books uninteresting, but education is necessary. Thompson Vitor knows something about this. He is a young Brazilian who managed to pass his high school exams using only books he dug out of the garbage. After much dedication and many sacrifices, the young man has finally fulfilled his dreams.

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Pubblicato da Thompson Vitor su Venerdì 15 gennaio 2016

Thompson comes from a small town near the city of Natal and grew up in a rather humble family with little money. Both of his parents do not have higher education. Thompson's mother is dedicated to collecting garbage to sell recyclable items, while his father sells sandwiches. His parents supported Thompson's desire to get an education, but were worried that - given their financial situation - he would never go very far along this path.

In any event, his mother supported him as best he could, providing him with educational books she dug out of the trash. For Thompson, these were real treasures that allowed him to excel at school. His reality was very different from that of his classmates: for example, each morning, he got up very early to travel the six kilometers to school by bicycle. In the afternoon, he was busy studying and helping his mother with her work. After successfully graduating from school, the young man won several scholarships.


"Pearson College, a heart sticker, and Thompson teaching Chemistry in the background." Thanks Joanne Peng for the photo and the caption!

Pubblicato da Thompson Vitor su Sabato 9 marzo 2019

After placing first place in the exams, Thompson opted to study at the Faculty of Chemistry and, thanks to his great talent, landed a place at the University of Rochester in New York, USA, fulfilling his dream.

Thompson knows he has achieved a major milestone thanks to his tenacity and intelligence, but he has certainly not forgotten all the support he received from his family: "I am very proud of my parents. I know how many sacrifices they made to raise me. Not only me, but also for my brothers. They have overcome the adversities of life, many financial challenges and have given up their dreams to take care of us ", said the young man. This story should serve as an inspiration for every young and dedicated student.