15 photos of "Sea Monsters" that will…
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15 photos of "Sea Monsters" that will make you think twice before you dive into the sea

November 28, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If we think about how pleasant and especially relaxing it is to go out on a nice boat trip and a take a refreshing dive into the sea, well, when we do this, we are not considering what "surprises" could be waiting for us in the abyss. 

However, we are sure that, after seeing these 15 images of inhabitants of the deep and not so deep sea which are, to say the least, quite terrifying, that you will think twice before diving into the sea without taking the necessary precautions ...

In fact, you might even ask yourself more than once whether you should really go swimming at all!

A race for survival, who will win?

Dive into the water and ... come across something like this --- the Mariana Trench, the deepest known point in the Earth's oceans!


This giant Lion’s Mane Jellyfish would frighten even the most experienced deep sea diver!

image: Justin/Flickr

The protagonist of the movie "Anaconda" really exists!

image: Imgur

A cross between a lobster and a millipede ... of massive proportions!


A shark ... seen in very close proximity!

image: lajkat.se

Even sailing down a river you cannot put down your guard because monstrous creatures can always be lurking and waiting to attack.


We can only hope that this giant stingray is a fan of zen mediation ...

image: rasputin.md

And even if they do not have sharp pointy teeth, marine creatures can still make you shiver by simply opening their jaws wide!

image: rasputin.md

At least this large octopus is friendly, maybe too much ...

image: dalnegorsk.ru

This is supposedly an innocuous whale but even those that may seem more or less harmless can be deadly.

image: IAmEnY/Imgur

Even the largest ocean predators can still hide in a wave ...

image: rasputin.md

In this case, it's just algae plants, but don't they still give you goose pimples?

image: perc10/Reddit

Even when there seems to be a complete vacuum, in reality, you need to stay alert ...

And if you see a giant white patch under your boat, it might be the famous and dreaded white whale!


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