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The relaxing power of the sea and its benefits in every season of the year are exalted by the experts

The sea is not just one of the favorite destinations to spend one's holidays, it is much more. In addition to the many beneficial health effects, its strong power of attraction is due to its ability to…

Neuroscientists often recommend that you go regularly to the beach, here are the reasons why!

Spending time in the open air walking in the woods, in the mountains or at the seaside, brings benefits to our body and mind. Maybe not everyone knows that just spending time on the beach can provide…

Some tourists film a turtle as it returns to the sea and its dimensions are impressive!

Today I was lucky to see a giant sea turtle alive in person ... We would like to be able to say something like that to our friends, but, alas, we can only content ourselves by watching these video images. …

Daddy seahorse is ready to give birth and a few seconds later a small miracle takes place!

Seahorses (Hippocampus spp.) are widespread in all the seas of the world, except the glacial ones. The name with which we know them derives from their resemblance to horses, particularly visible in the…

15 photos of "Sea Monsters" that will make you think twice before you dive into the sea

If we think about how pleasant and especially relaxing it is to go out on a nice boat trip and a take a refreshing dive into the sea, well, when we do this, we are not considering what "surprises" could…

Exciting news about the Bermuda Triangle!

Everyone calls it, Shelley Island, the island of shells, due to the many shells of all shapes and tonalities, as well as the thousands of colored stones that can be found there. It is an island that was…

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