An innovative way to protect your feet…
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An innovative way to protect your feet in the summer!

August 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Conceptualized by an Italian start-up, Nakefit are hypoallergenic adhesive foot pads that allow you to walk freely wherever you want! Nakefit pads are applied on the soles of the feet to replace flip flops or rubber slippers. 

Nakefit adhesive pads protect our feet and at the same time allow us to walk as if we were barefoot. Actually, they are safer than flip flops or rubber slippers.

In fact, Nakefit foot pads help us to avoid slips and falls, are waterproof, and are a good insulator against heat, like for example, hot sand. 

Furthermore, these innovative adhesive pads look really great on your feet!

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