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Keep your hands looking younger longer!…
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Keep your hands looking younger longer! Here's how!


The face is certainly the part of the body that we take the most care of, especially those who want to appear to be younger and still in shape!

However, there is another part of the body, perhaps even more exposed to chemical and climatic agents, which could hinder our beauty efforts: the hand, or rather the hands.

Hands often get older faster than the rest of the body and therefore they need specific and routine care! Here are five rules to keep your hands young.

Here are the 5 rules to follow to have younger and healthier hands.

  1. Wash your hands properly: Avoid aggressive and perfumed soaps, use lukewarm water and not hot water. Also, avoid using towels that produce static electricity, in favor of paper or cotton towels.
  2. Wear gloves - whether they are those you use to wash the dishes, to wear in the winter or at work, it is important to remember to wear gloves if you want to avoid redness, injury, dry and cracking skin, and more.
  3. Moisturize your hands properly (do not forget your nails!): Use a moisturizer when it is cold outside, remember to drink a lot of water and, to be on top of the situation at home, buy a (humidifier) to utilize as needed, depending on the percentage humidity in the house.
  4. Apply a scrub and/or mask every now and then because this will help the moisturizer work better.
  5. Put on sunscreen lotion or cream: Sunscreens are not just for the face, yet almost everyone forgets to apply sunscreen also on the back of their hands. Remember to not make this mistake in the future! 

A homemade remedy for attenuating the intensity of existing dark spots on your skin is to prepare a mix of red onion and apple vinegar and apply it on the affected spots (it would be better to do this in the evening before going to sleep and let it work overnight). These two ingredients are naturally able to repair and regenerate damaged skin very quickly!

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