If you see a dark spot moving in the…
Eleven ways to Want to see a freaky incident? What were the chances of this happening?

If you see a dark spot moving in the water ... move away FAST!

June 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is a beautiful sunny day and a ride on their Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski out into the crystal blue sea seems like a wonderful idea to this couple!

But everything could have turned into a tragedy, all because of their desire to film more closely a dark moving spot that turned out to be a shark! 

The couple first noticed a dark spot on the seabed and soon realized that it was indeed a shark. However, the idea of approaching the shark to take some pictures was a bad one!

In fact, as told by the same couple, the man just barely moved his leg in time to avoid getting it ripped off when the shark attacked him with its jaws!

Tags: AnimalsSeaSharks

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