Here is why even if we just look at the sea, we immediately feel better

Shirley Marie Bradby

February 17, 2019

Here is why even if we just look at the sea, we immediately feel better

The sea has always had a special charm, and therefore, it is not surprising, that it is a source of inspiration for artists, poets, singers, and writers.

Spending time on the beach is not only to witness an extraordinary spectacle of nature but also a source of well-being for body and mind.

According to a large number of studies, however, it also enough to just look at the sea to immediately feel better and absorb part of those benefits that the sea water and air can transmit to the body and soul.



John Loo/Flickr

From a strictly medical point of view, it is scientifically established that sea water is therapeutic for various diseases such as arthritis, respiratory diseases, and some forms of anemia. In addition, it is a panacea for the circulatory system and helps fight weight problems. Water sports are also among the most beneficial and regenerating sports, thanks to the contact with water, which as a substance, is the basis of life on Earth. 

Furthermore, what is most striking is the close spiritual and primordial link that human beings have with this element, a relationship that already begins in the nine months that human beings spend immersed in water (amniotic fluid) in the womb. Moreover, well over half of our body is composed of water and the same planet on which we live is covered by water for about 70%. 

Coming back to the sea is simply responding to a call that is within each of us. This is the reason why so many choose seaside resorts as the ideal place to spend their vacations. Sitting on the beach, watching this immense "second sky" in motion, with our eyes on the horizon, gives a great sense of peace and harmony.


Contact with the sea is a sensory and inner experience, with the brain being stimulated to the maximum by the smell of the salty sea air, the gentle and relaxing sound of the waves or the color blue that has very positive effects on the brain's emotional hemisphere and moods. For example, many people use natural sounds like the lapping of the waves to fall asleep and sleep better. 

Therefore, spending time on the beach, absorbed in the beauty of the sea is not only a good way to carve out a few moments for yourself, but it also serves to relieve the stress of everyday life and helps you live better.