Those who are happy with themselves do not speak ill of others. -
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Those who are happy with themselves…
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Those who are happy with themselves do not speak ill of others.

February 19, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It happens every day to deal with people who do nothing but criticize the work of others, point fingers, and make judgments.

These individuals are most likely unhappy. Being comfortable with yourself, staying calm, knowing your value and knowing which direction you are going, means to be happy.

Someone who is in this state of grace and in this peaceful state of mind has no need to speak badly of others or to express their opinion at all costs.

In fact, a person who is happy has only one task: to try to continue to be. However, those who are not satisfied with their work, their relationships, or their lives, are always ready to blame something or someone and to "preach" to others, even if no one has asked for their opinion.

This behavior is nothing more than a defense mechanism and it means ignoring or denying one's own unhappiness even up to the point of "defending" it.

Once this has been clarified, we must try to stay away from such negative people, because their influence can be detrimental to our psychophysical health. In life, it is good to listen to criticism only when it is constructive and sincerely motivated. That is to say when it encourages us to grow, to learn from our mistakes, and to improve. 

Another type of negative communication is when a "thumbs down" is just a way to try to destroy someone, and perhaps even taking pleasure in having done it. To protect one's own happiness one must remember that the thought and opinions of others correspond to "their reality" and not to ours.

People only have power over our emotional state only if we give it to them. Everyone has their own path and their own inner universe, which no one else can fully understand or decipher. What we have to do is concentrate on our own existence, correcting our mistakes, and trying to learn as much as we can from our errors.

image: Unsplash

There will always be someone ready to challenge us or label us, but our only duty is to ourselves, so we must continue on our way and do only what we think is right.


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