The best revenge is indifference! Learn…
She is 102 years old and he is 100 and after falling madly in love with each other they decided to get married! This desperate man offers his house as a reward to anyone who can find his dog!

The best revenge is indifference! Learn to distance yourself and avoid unnecessary conflicts!

July 24, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Experiencing a strong desire for revenge is an absolutely primordial emotion, which is part of our most basic impulses when we are victims of an aggression, verbal or physical, or when we feel persecuted by injustice.

Although it is not at all pleasant to feel abused by someone else's evil deeds or actions, you should keep this simple advice in mind --- the best revenge is to be happy.

Do not waste your energy on planning vendettas against someone who made you suffer --- life will do it for you!

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Life leaves no unfinished business. At the end of the game of life, everyone is responsible for their actions and everyone pays for their mistakes.

It is not easy to remain calm and collected when someone attacks us specifically to hurt us, with malice and aggressiveness. This is because the negative energies of these people tend to spread and even contaminate our reactions and emotions, reducing them to the same level. Instead, we must learn to "let go" and to ignore.

While on the other hand, these vicious individuals will expect to see you knuckle under, be confounded, and protest loudly in anger, but what they will receive will be only a deafening silence and a profound indifference.

You must not exhibit any reaction to their provocations and this will be your greatest revenge.

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Silence is your most powerful weapon against the many "useless conflicts" that life, sometimes, forces us to face. Why waste time with certain people? Why take revenge on them? If they choose to hinder you or abandon you, they punish themselves and time will soon reveal their failure and defeat.

When necessary, you must distant yourself to avoid sterile discussions and meaningless confrontations. Those who want to damage you will always continue to judge you and attack you, so it is important to learn to ignore these negative people. We do not need them in our lives.

Indifference and your personal happiness will be the best revenge you can inflict.


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