Strong women are not afraid of solitude but of the company of shallow and foolish people -
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Strong women are not afraid of solitude…
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Strong women are not afraid of solitude but of the company of shallow and foolish people

July 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are some women who are out of the ordinary. They are special individuals who are self-confident, who know who they are, where they are going, and what they want from life.

These specimens of the female genus are not immune to mistakes or pains, but they have been able to learn from the former and overcome the second with their own inner energy.

Each of their successes is due to their will power, trust in their own qualities, awareness of having them, and the ability to forgive themselves. Consequently, these are strong women.

image: Unsplash

A strong woman is one who has overcome and survived the difficulties of life by wearing her wounds lightly, using them as opportunities for growth and improvement.

She is afraid like everyone else, but her courage accompanies her every day to help her to surpass her limits, making her more proud of herself each time.

She allows nothing and no one to hinder her path, and even when that happens, it is just a brief pause, a moment to catch her breath and start again with even more grit and determination than before.

A strong woman does not torture herself by blaming herself for what has happened but simply takes full responsibility.

Waiting for something to happen is not her style because it is she herself who initiates events. She does not just stand by and look, she acts, and she works hard to achieve her goals.

A strong woman does not fear solitude, because she has a good relationship with her inner self. When she is alone she can recharge her batteries, focus on what she really cares about, improve, and get to know herself more deeply.

It is not solitude that dismays her but rather the prospect of having a shallow and foolish companion by her side, incapable of profound thoughts and feelings, of appreciating her value, and of touching her emotionally.

image: Unsplash

A strong woman does not need a companion to feel complete, she is enough for herself, and she does not need any backing or support if it is not genuine or given by those who are really ready for a real and mature relationship.

She does not need to please anyone, she does not care about the opinion of others because she is full of healthy pride, self-esteem, and a strong sense of self-preservation.

Her determination is unshakable, she is positive and proactive, and she wants to find true love made of respect, compromise, teamwork, and commitment.

The arms of a false and insincere person are chains by which she will never be imprisoned since she does not care if she has to walk alone. Why? Because she knows that sooner or later someone will arrive on her path who is simply able to stand by her side, neither behind nor in front of her.


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