18 photos of people who never gave up…
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18 photos of people who never gave up and made great changes

June 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

OVer the course of our lives it is normal to feel the need to change and improve, especially at some very specific times of life. With the arrival of adolescence, for example, not everyone is able to feel comfortable with their body: those who have a few extra pounds, those who fight daily with acne, those who are forced to wear braces, etc... For some it is more difficult to overcome certain phases, but what matters is the will and determination with which you intend to overcome them. In the most difficult moments, those when motivation is scarce, you have to remind yourself that it is never too late to improve. The path to well-being is certainly long and we must not be discouraged by the negative comments of those around us and want to damage our self-esteem. The people in these photos definitely know something!

1. Sixteen versus twenty two years old

The guy in this picture said: "I don't even look like the same person!".

2. A great improvement!

We grow and change in style, just as it should be!


3. A lot of time in the gym...

image: Imgur

Starting off on the road to physical improvement is always a good idea!

4. A whole lot of pounds down, but a whole lot more faith in herself

5. At times, even a beard makes a diiference

As he himself claims: "I've come a long way to lose the weight and I've also learned to take care of myself!".


6. "I stopped drinking...and this is the result!"

7. Even a few years can make a difference

Change, at times, arrives rather soon: this boy is only 16 or 17 in the photo on the right!


8. It's not only the lighting in the photo which has changed...

9. Now she really feels confident!

When you are a child, you shouldn't really judge your appearance or be too hard on yourself. The real change comes with the age of adolescence and, from there on, the journey can be more strenuous for some and less for others. The important thing is always to arrive at a place in which you are fully satisfied with who you have become!


10. Seven years later...

11. From 14 to 23, a long journey

For the girl, the decade between 14 and 24 were really strange...and now she's super happy!

12. She's changed a lot in the last few years

The ages in the photos? 10, 18, 29: how she has changed in each eight years!

13. Adolescence versus 21 years old!

A little make up, contact lenses and a better haircut: and this is the result!

14. Completely different!

15. Whos said getting older means getting uglier?

The woman shared her pictures at 27 and 37 years...today she's much happier with her appearance!

16. Sometimes it only takes a few months to make big changes!

There's only one way to get through difficulties in life: love yourself!

17. "My guy is unrecognizable!"

Sixteen versus twenty two years old!

18."Do I look younger?"

Have you also gone through a period of great changes that have led you to feel better about yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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