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He wants to give a share of the lottery…
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He wants to give a share of the lottery win to his ex-wife, but his current girlfriend threatens to leave him

June 28, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you wondered if you are making the right choice? Usually, we have trusted people we can turn to for advice, but just as often we feel we need an outside opinion. This is a bit of the reason for the success of Reddit, in which users from all over the world confront each other on the most disparate topics. In particular, there is a subreddit in which each user asks others if they consider his behavior unbecoming or if, instead, he can be considered acquitted. Everyone, of course, has their own opinion on the stories told and often it is not even possible to find a precise answer to all doubts. In any case, a user named "Binkies123" asked the people of Reddit if he was wrong in giving away part of a lottery win to his ex-wife and mother of his two children. The matter, however, is slightly more complicated than that ...

via: Reddit

It's true, money can lead to tremendous arguments in a relationship, but the matter here could be a lot more complicated than that. The user in question wrote that he had won a large sum of money thanks to the national lottery and expressed his intention to donate a part of it to his ex-wife, from whom he had been divorced 6 years earlier. The woman is the mother of his two children, whom she takes care of in an impeccable way, allowing him to see them on the days established by the judge for the visits. The man has remained on good terms with his ex-wife, even though at the time it was he who betrayed her with another woman (his current partner) and pushed her to divorce her. He knew that she had suffered a lot because of the divorce and he also knew that her current job at the municipal library did not give her much satisfaction, so, first of all he thought of giving her some money so she could settle down and offer their children a better life. 

The man's current partner, however, was not very happy with this decision. The man admitted that he phoned his parents first, once he found out about the win, and immediately after that he phoned his ex-wife, who only wished him the best. The man's decision to give her a share of the money would also be a kind of symbolic compensation; the man's parents, with whom the ex-wife remained on good terms, were in complete agreement with his choice. The person who was disappointed and angry, however, was the man's current partner, who threatened to leave him if he carried on with this plan.

The man asked internet users for help to get an alternative opinion on the matter. Is it okay for him to give the money to his ex-wife? Is his partner's anger justified? Tell us what you think in the comments!



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