They want to get married a second time, after the husband completes his transition from man to woman -
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They want to get married a second time,…
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They want to get married a second time, after the husband completes his transition from man to woman

July 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A true love is the one which lasts forever, do you agree? The couple in this story seems to fit this definition well: Jae and her boyfriend, Jake, met through the famous, and now obsolete, social network "mySpace". It was back in 2007 and the two hit it off right from the start. 10 years from that first meeting, the two got married, but during the honeymoon something unusual happened: Jake revealed to his wife that he had a desire to become a "she". Probably, Jae had realized that the love of her life was hiding something, but she never really understood what it was. Now everything was so much clearer! In Jae's place, perhaps, many other women would have filed for divorce, while she totally accepted Jake's transition ... and now they plan to re-marry!

Today Jake is called Rayna and has completed the transition from man to woman. Of course, it wasn't an overnight decision, but a very long process of attaining the desires that Rayna has had since she was 11 years old. The thought of feeling uncomfortable in a man's body had therefore been on Rayna's mind for a long time. For her it was a real liberation to be able to confide in her wife Jae and be accepted for what she is: "In the end, I am always the same person ... only in a different body!". Rayna, in fact, has undergone several surgeries to complete her transition, but now, finally, she feels like herself. 

After her transition, Jae and Rayna decided to get married a second time. Jae explained very clearly: "Looking back on our first marriage, we didn't feel a strong connection. What I know is that Rayna wasn't there with me and I would like her at my wedding. But what I want more than anything else is that her family see her walking down the aisle and that she too, finally, has her special day - which I already had the first time, complete with all the bells and whistles. Now it's her turn." 


It won't be a traditional wedding and, in fact, neither of the two will wear a typical white wedding dress: "We will both wear beautiful black dresses for a black and white themed ceremony, with white, red and pink roses, to symbolize, at least for me, the death of the old Rayna and the rebirth of the new Rayna!" Jae explained.

Congratulations to this happy couple, who seem to have finally found the perfect equilibrium!


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