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A man finds an old woman's engagement…
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A man finds an old woman's engagement ring thanks to the metal detector: it was stolen 33 years ago

February 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Those who choose to practice a particular hobby such as that of metal detecting know well what is one of the greatest satisfactions for the seeker: finding precious objects and, more precisely, gold! We know that each country has its own legislation regarding the use of metal detectors and the behavior to adopt regarding any historical findings, but when it comes to "modern" objects, such as an engagement ring or a bracelet, we know that in all likelihood that they belong to someone. Someone who, absent-mindedly, must have lost them. If you have a shred of morals and common sense, you will try to track down the owner.

George Taylor, who has been passionate about this wonderful hobby for years, found the engagement ring of an 82-year-old lady completely by chance, who barely held back her tears iwhen she saw the heirloom that she believed was lost forever.

George Taylor was taking a walk on Carnoustie beach, near Dundee, Scotland, with his metal detector, on an ordinary day, when the machine gave him a loud, high-pitched signal. He didn't hesitate for a second and started digging in the sand. When he pulled out a slightly damaged ring, he immediately knew it was gold

George hypothesized that it was an engagement ring, suspicions that were confirmed by the internal engraving on the object bearing a date, 1963, and the initials of the sweethearts. Thanks to these clues, George was able to trace, via Facebook, the daughter of the owner of the ring, an 82-year-old lady named Dorothy.


Dorothy couldn't believe her ears: her engagement ring had been found after 33 years. In 1987, in fact, thieves broke into her and her husband Andrew's house, while the two were at the theater, stealing the gold ring and other valuables, such as the TV and a record player. Despite the police report, Dorothy had never recovered the precious jewel and now, a complete stranger had found it after all these years, by pure chance. The old woman was delighted and she asked a jeweler to refurbish the ring, replacing the stone.

The woman said, holding back tears: "Andrew would have loved it if he had been here." George, of course, could not be happier about this: thanks to his favorite hobby he had helped the woman to find an object as dear and precious as her original engagement ring.

This isn't the first time a "detectorist" has found and returns valuable personal items - we hope this story is a great example of what this hobby can achieve for everyone.



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