She discovers that her partner is cheating on her: she makes friends with his lover and they both dump him -
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She discovers that her partner is cheating…
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She discovers that her partner is cheating on her: she makes friends with his lover and they both dump him

July 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When two women realize they have been betrayed, even when it's by the same man, it could trigger a strange solidarity between the two victims: this is what happened to Kristen Obispo and Sophie Miller, after discovering that they were dating the same man. Kristen, a 33-year-old Texan, never imagined that her boyfriend, Adam (not his real name), 34, would cheat on her with another woman. The man hid a second relationship from her with 26-year-old Sophie, who he met on an online dating app. Kristen claims to have received a voice message from an unknown girl (Sophie), who she claimed to have been in a relationship with Adam for the past 8 months. Initially Kristen did not want to believe the young woman's words, but after exchanging more than one word with her, she began to plan her "revenge" along with her partner's other woman.

via: Dailymail

Cheating is always a rather negative behavior, which irremediably hurts the feelings of the partner who suffers the consequences. Kristen and Sophie, however, decided to join forces to heal those wounds and make the one who claimed to love them pay dearly. Initially, Kristen admitted that she was shocked and incredulous at Sophie's message: she didn't want to believe it! When, then, the young woman sent her a photo in the company of Adam, Kristen changed her mind: she had told her that he had gone out of town for work and, instead, she was in the company of another woman . Kristen had also met Adam on the same online dating app, but she hadn't noticed the possible signs of cheating on his part. The two had planned a trip together to Turkey, a trip that became an integral part of Kristen's "revenge". Everything happened with Sophie's total complicity. 

Kristen decided to leave with Adam for Istanbul anyway, despite having learned the news of the betrayal only a few days earlier. Once they landed, the woman addressed the subject by confronting the man. Kristen clearly told Adam that she was aware of Sophie and the whole affair. The icing on the cake was Sophie's presence at Istanbul airport: Adam couldn't believe his eyes! The two girls dumped him in a foreign land and went their way together, intending to enjoy those 8 days in Turkey in any case. However, something positive was born from such an unfortunate event, namely the excellent friendship between Kristen and Sophie.


Relationships are not easy and you should always pay attention to possible alarm bells that could save you from nasty surprises. If your partner cheats on you, sooner or later some details will emerge that will create suspicion. Better to investigate and communicate immediately, rather than finding yourself in such a situation!

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