Ex-model shows off her imperfections on social media and sends a message: "Accept your cellulite"

Mark Bennett

June 04, 2022

Ex-model shows off her imperfections on social media and sends a message:

In a world dominated by social media and the constant need to share one's image with others, appearing "perfect" seems to have become the new beauty goal of many. There is only one small problem: no one is perfect! Unfortunately, in today's society, unrealistic beauty standards have imposed themselves, and it is near-impossible to fully meet them. This, unfortunately, creates a lot of stress among young and old alike, especially whenever they look in a mirror. If the role model we want to follow and copy in order to be considered "beautiful" is, for example, Lele Ponce - a beautiful Venezuelan singer and presenter - it is clear that most of us will be disappointed because it will be difficult to match her beauty. But are we sure that Lele Ponce is "perfect"? She has shown herself that she has numerous imperfections and has encouraged everyone to embrace their cosmetic defects ... and without using filters to hide these!

via Instagram / Lele Ponce


Lele Ponce is a Venezuelan ex-model, singer, actress and presenter, famous in her homeland for her sparkling and ironic character, as well as for her beauty. She, however, wanted to publish to her Instagram account some of her photos in which she shows herself off but without the use of filters and without any digital editing of the photos in any other way - a natural, unfiltered image. The result, of course, is much closer to what an ordinary woman would see when looking at herself in a bathing suit: a bunch of cellulite!

That's right: Lele Ponce also has cellulite on her legs and buttocks and is not ashamed of it. Not anymore, at least. She said herself: "Show off your cellulite ... I'm exposing myself! I've always been super insecure when it comes to my cellulite! I try to hide it as much as possible in photos. But today I won't! This is me, au naturel. Who cares if others judge one... accept and love yourself just as you are and how nature intended. "

This is a powerful message, addressed to everyone, but especially to those young women and girls who are influenced by advertising, films and glossy photos on Instagram. But it should be recognized that these photos are edited and artfully retouched to make the subjects appear "much more beautiful" than they really are. It is obvious that you need to do physical exercises and follow a healthy diet if you want to keep fit, but you have to do this mainly for your well-being and certainly not to appear on social networks, showing yourself off in a way that denies your natural self.