Travel as much as possible because you can get more money but not always more time or unforgettable emotions -
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Travel as much as possible because you…
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Travel as much as possible because you can get more money but not always more time or unforgettable emotions

January 10, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each of us has a bucket list of our dreams. Some dreams, sooner or later, we manage to tick off our list; others maybe not.

The important thing is to live an experience and find out for yourself. Because only then can we be sure that we have no regrets. And this is not just a trite or commonplace idea!

Take for example traveling, which is one of the most common dreams of many people. Often traveling is postponed for lack of time or for fear of spending too much money, but are we really convinced that this is the right attitude to adopt?

Traveling is an aspect of life that should never, ever be denied.

image: Pexels

Traveling, after all, means living, fully enjoying all that the world offers us. Beautiful nature, scenarios different from our own, and new people, food, and customs are all waiting to be discovered.

Just staying in one place for life, simply because maybe it makes us feel safe and protected, is undoubtedly a reductive attitude, because in doing so we become "blind".

Yes, blind, in the sense, that we no longer really see or observe anything and we take everything for granted.

But when we travel, with the enrichment it entails and we come back home, it allows us to "see" with new eyes what we actually have around us.

Broadening our horizons, moreover, means getting to discover something that is different, that is completely unlike our own customs and traditions, and that can even seem incredible to us.

Once back at home, we will relive our adventures and keep those memories with us for life—as bad or as wonderful as they might have been.

Traveling is a unique opportunity to live wholeheartedly, to try to live differently, to realize a fantasy, to be entertained, and to be amazed which are all things that every human being needs to become a better person.

image: Pexels

Certainly, to travel you need money and time. However, with the right precautions, anyone can organize and experience their own adventures and personal discoveries around the world, also in an economical way.

Moreover, those who have the opportunity to put money aside should always remember that spending it on traveling does not mean wasting it. On the contrary: it means allowing your money to give you profits of incredible value.

The same applies to time because, with a little effort, it is always possible to carve out a day or two to escape from everyday life and from the places and people that can often seem restrictive to us.

Moreover, the money spent on traveling and giving ourselves unforgettable experiences will return to us, while the time we have been allotted to live is inexorably fleeing.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential to use our time in the best way possible. So, pack your bags or suitcases, and don't think too much! Are you ready to step out and into the world—and live again?

image: Pixabay

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