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Every day this man takes his paralyzed…
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Every day this man takes his paralyzed dog for a ride in its special dog carriage

January 12, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune of having a dog by their side, knows very well how these wonderful and sweet creatures manage to become, in a very short time, full-fledged members of the family, that deserve the same kind of attention we dedicate to our loved ones.

And, just like us, as our four-legged friends grow older, they need more care and attention, especially if, unfortunately, they are affected by diseases that can make their daily lives difficult.

The man we are going to tell you about knows this very well. In fact, he is the protagonist of a simple but loving gesture that is full of meaning and completely dedicated to his paralyzed dog.

When Bryan Thompson was taking a walk through Shubie Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, his attention was drawn to a moving scene, which could hardly have gone unnoticed.

A man, in fact, was transporting his paralyzed dog in a comfortable "dog carriage", complete with rubber wheels, blankets, cushions, and everything else needed so that the dog would not suffer from the cold.

The light-haired dog was curled up in its custom-made dog carriage and was enjoying a few moments in the open air, surrounded by beautiful snowy nature.

Intrigued, Bryan approached the dog's owner to have a chat. Thus, he learned that the owner's four-legged friend has degenerative myelopathy (called ALS in humans), and is no longer able to walk on its legs.

A dramatic condition, sadly common in older dogs, especially among the medium to large-sized dogs.

This dog's owner, however, was not willing to accept that his dog's health condition prevented it from being able to go out into open spaces in nature, which is why he devised this touching solution.

In fact, in this way, the dog can still be taken outside to benefit from a nice ride inside its special dog carriage, surrounded by nature. 


Bryan, impressed by what he heard from the man in the park, complimented him, saying that he was an exceptional person for making sure that his dog was still able to experience some joy and comfort, despite everything.

But, the owner of the dog, in response, only said that he was sure, that if Bryan were in his place, he would have done the same.

Posted on Facebook, the story also quickly made the rounds on various other social media platforms, collecting countless comments and shares.

And we can believe it because every day, this gentleman with a big heart gives his time and company to his furry friend that, like many other dogs, deserves the same unconditional love that they give to their owners.

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