This young woman cannot hold back her…
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This young woman cannot hold back her joy when the police return her puppy dog that had been stolen together with her car

February 16, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

They are always at our side, for better or for worse, to comfort us and to give us unconditional love like no other creature can do.

We are obviously talking about dogs, our best four-legged friends, animals who always manage to occupy a special place in our hearts.

For this reason, when we lose them, the pain is really intense, sometimes equal to that caused by the loss of a human loved one.

In fact, this is something that the woman we are going to tell you about knows very well due to a very unpleasant incident that suddenly took her dog away from her.

This story takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina, where a young woman's car was stolen while her beloved female puppy dog Ruby was still inside it—in her pet carrier cage!
Naturally, the local police department immediately initiated a search for both her car and her puppy dog Ruby, but unfortunately, there was no news about either for days.
That is until, just as the young woman began to lose hope, the police detectives who were working on her case found her puppy dog and to her pleasant surprise brought Ruby directly to her house!
What happened when the young woman opened the door and found herself face to face with her beloved puppy, Ruby is truly heartwarming—and one of those scenes that clearly shows the joy and love that a human can feel towards their dog.

In fact, the young woman, was unable to contain her happiness when she held her puppy in her arms and the video in which the whole scene was filmed was shared online by many users, also affected by the obvious joy of a situation like this.
Certainly, we all hope that this loving and caring young woman and her beautiful puppy dog are never separated again for any reason!
Below is the link to the video that shows the moment when the young woman reunites with her puppy Ruby:
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