A German shepherd dog digs desperately…
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A German shepherd dog digs desperately where his owner has been buried

December 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Losing a person you love is one of the most painful experiences that can happen in a person's life.

In fact, getting used to the fact that whoever we love, from one day to the next, is no longer with us and their warmth and affection is gone forever can be really difficult.

And this is not only valid for humans. The relationship that dogs have with human beings, in fact, can reach such levels of empathy as to cause them to suffer just like us - if not more - when they lose forever their human friends with whom they have shared so many adventures.

This what happened in Fuping, China, where Huzi, a German shepherd dog that could not bear losing Wu, a man who had been his owner and friend for 10 years. The dog's heart-wrenching reaction to his owner's death touched many people.

via: Daily Mail

The bond between the dog and his human friend was so strong that the German shepherd could not stop demonstrating his sorrow and unconditional love for Wu, his recently deceased owner.

The man, in fact, had adopted the dog, when it was a puppy, and the man himself was already elderly. And he had happily spent his last ten years with Huzi, his loving and faithful dog.

All had gone well, until, unfortunately, the elderly owner passed away. And it was precisely at his funeral that the man's whole family witnessed a unique demonstration of how much Huzi loved his owner. In fact, as soon as Wu was buried, Huzi began showing signs of extreme distress.

Huzi began crying and whimpering as he could pick up the scent of his owner but he could not see him anywhere!

So, he started digging right where the scent was the strongest, which was where Wu had been buried, hoping to find him and be able to see him again.

The scene was filmed by the deceased elderly man's grand-daughter and showed the world, even if there is no need for further proof, that the bond that dogs establish with human beings is so strong that sometimes it goes beyond our understanding.

The German shepherd continued walking around the gravesite of his owner, until he decided to lie down on the ground and remain there, without anyone being able to take him away.

Huzi, remained there, refusing to eat and drink for three days until gradually he seemed to accept and "understand" the loss of his human friend. Dogs are truly special gifts that we sometimes definitely do not deserve.

Below is the link to the video of the moving scene in which Huzi, this loving and faithful dog is the protagonist: 


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