A negative person tends to see only…
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A negative person tends to see only what is "disgusting" in everything and this short story explains why!

August 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is said that often, in life, positivity and serenity depend - first of all - on how we present ourselves to the world.

If we harbor negativity, resentment, anger, and frustration, it is almost certain that this affects how people see us from the outside.

Moreover, this is not at all just a saying or something to take for granted. In fact, our moods and our "inner peace" greatly affect our identity.

The more we feel good about ourselves, the better we will be able to interact with others, and consequently, appear undoubtedly more attractive and pleasant.

In fact, the short story we are about to tell you illustrates exactly this concept and will give you useful insights to reflect on regarding your everyday life and your attitudes.

image: Pexels

A young man arrived at the entrance of a city and, approaching, he saw an elderly man and asked him: "What kind of people live in this place?" The elderly man replied with another question: "What kind of people live in the place where you come from?" "They are a group of selfish and wicked people," - the young man replied - "I'm glad I left there!" At that point, the elderly man replied: "You'll find the same kind of people here too."

Later, on the same day, another young man approached the elderly man and asked him: "What kind of people live in this place?" The elderly man, as before, asked the same question: "What kind of people are there in the place you come from?" Then, the young man said: "They are beautiful, wonderful, hospitable and friendly people! I am very sad to have left them!". "You will also meet the same kind of people here." replied the elderly man.

At that point, a man who had listened to both conversations asked the elderly man: "How is it possible to give two different answers to the same question?" The wise elderly man replied: "Every person carries in their heart the environment in which they live. Whoever has not found anything good in the places where they were, cannot find anything good here either. Whoever found a friend where they were, can also find friends here, because our mental attitude is the only thing, in life, of which we can maintain absolute control."

This is a story that perfectly shows how true it is that, in our lives, we are what we create. If in our world around us, we generate hatred, selfishness, anger, then we will receive the same, if not worse, reactions from others.

Just as, on the contrary, if we present ourselves to everyone with a positive attitude, sooner or later, despite the difficulties, we can be sure of being rewarded.

Our attitude and our inner predisposition are really all that we have to live peacefully and to show others the best side of ourselves!

Furthermore, the people who seem luckier and happier than us, have the same means at their disposal as we do. They live in similar places and interact with basically the same type of individuals.

The difference, however, lies only in finding the way to act, that is if possible, always guided by positivity


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