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With this traditional Chinese method,…
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With this traditional Chinese method, you can say goodbye to headaches in 5 minutes and without medication!


A headache, in all its forms and phases, can be caused by various factors, and those who suffer from it know only too well how annoying and disabling this disorder can be.

In most cases drugs are used to get rid of headaches, however, in cases of moderate headaches, it is possible to solve the problem quickly and without chemicals!

In fact, this can be easily accomplished thanks to a very effective natural method derived from traditional Chinese medicine.

The method consists in stimulating some key points on the body through acupressure, a sort of self-massage that is done using your fingers, which combines the principles of both acupuncture and reflexology, without, however, the need to possess specific medical knowledge or instruments.

The technique does not take long. Just execute certain movements in specific areas for a few seconds.

According to this procedure, it is first of all necessary to put the body in a relaxing position, sitting or lying down, and then applying light pressure and simultaneously making small circles on the skin.

Let's see below what are the points to be stimulated.

  • Yingxiang or "welcome fragrance". It is located in the lower part of the cheekbones on the sides of the nostrils. A massage at this point reduces headache, toothache, relieves nasal congestion and reduces stress.
  • He Gu or "bottom of the valley". It is located between the thumb and forefinger on the back of both hands. By gently pressing this area you can relieve neck tension, back pain, and toothache.
  • Zhu Zhu or "gathering of the bamboo". It is used for eye pain, flu or cold symptoms, and sore eyes. It can be found at the inner edge of the eyebrows.
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  • Tian Zhu or "the gates of heaven". Located in the central area between the ears, behind the head, at the beginning of the spine. It can be stimulated to calm migraines and to clear a stuffy nose.
  • Yintango or "palace of the spirit". It is in the bridge between the nose and forehead, in the area between the eyebrows identified as the third eye. It can be beneficial for relieving toothache, dizziness, headaches, stress, and ringing in the ears.
  • Shuai Gu or "one hundred meetings". At two or three inches from the top of the ear, a sort of depression can be perceived. Applying pressure there can relieve eye strain.

In addition to the aforementioned headaches, acupressure in these particular points can also have positive effects for the treatment of numerous other types of disorders.

Although this is a completely harmless practice and does not require the use of chemicals, we also recommend advising your doctor before implementing it.

In fact, there are some subjective conditions that can constitute contraindications and can give some side effects.

Specifically, this technique is not recommended for pregnant women or those suffering from musculoskeletal or postural disorders.

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