Hot salt is an effective old wives tale…
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Hot salt is an effective old wives tale remedy that helps relieve neck pain

November 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

A widespread disorder, the so-called "cervicalgia" aka "neck pain" can be found in two-thirds of the population, even among relatively young individuals. 

This extremely common term "neck pain" means inflammation or contracture of the vertebrae, nerves or neck muscles, technically referred to as the cervical spine.

With the cold winter season, neck pain tends to occur more easily and more frequently. But there is a very effective, totally natural way to manage and relieve this discomfort.

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To get relief from a stiff neck, toothache, cold and even bronchitis, you need to brush up on an old wives tale remedy, namely, to use hot salt.

Given that salt is an ingredient that is anything but synthetic, it is better to focus on the quality. It is suggested that one use integral marine (sea salt) or Himalayan salt, a variety of salt with a high vitamin content that has beneficial effects on the body.

To prepare a hot salt pack, procure an adequate dose of salt and heat it in a pan (alternatively also in the microwave oven). To understand when it is ready, just wait for the salt grains to start crackling with heat.

Once removed from the heat it is time to pour the salt into a bag, preferably made with natural fibers such as wool, hemp, cotton or linen.

At this point, all that remains is to place the hot salt pack on the area to be treated and hold it for a few minutes until the heat is felt.

To enhance the effect of the hot salt pack, it is also possible to add balsamic and perfumed salts. Lavender, for example, is excellent for the cervical region.

In addition, hawthorn is excellent for headaches while thyme, eucalyptus, and mint are indicated for respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and phlegm.

Hot salt is one of those natural and "old-fashioned" remedies that can really come in handy in cases like the ones described. However, we remind you that the advice given in this article is of a general nature and only has an informative purpose. In no case, therefore, do they replace the opinion of a doctor, which should always be consulted if symptoms persist or worsen.

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