Despite customers' complaints, a restaurant owner decides not to ask a mother and her autistic child who is making a lot of noise to leave -
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Despite customers' complaints, a restaurant…
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Despite customers' complaints, a restaurant owner decides not to ask a mother and her autistic child who is making a lot of noise to leave

November 06, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every day on the street, on public transport, in bars, in restaurants and in many other places, people cross paths.

And some people with a single superficial glance oftentimes presume to understand everything about those around them.

The reality of other people's lives, however, often goes far beyond what can be seen at a glance.

Perhaps, we should not judge and remember that behind every face we see, there is a story. Just like there is also a story for someone who, from their limited point of view, demands respect but does not give it to others.

A lesson that was learned to perfection by Tony Posnanski, owner of a restaurant for over 15 years, used to interacting with all kinds of people and assisting, over time, in all possible situations.

One day, some customers complained about a little girl who didn't stop screaming, so Tony came over to ask her mother to check on the baby. The mother then replied: 'Do you have any idea what it means to have an autistic daughter?

'That episode deeply affected Posnanski, who commented on the incident on the web by dedicating a heartfelt letter to that unknown woman and her child.

"To the woman and child who sat at table 9, I did not introduce myself to you. My name is Tony Posnanski. I have been a...

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<<"Dear mother and daughter of table 9, my name is Tony Posnanski, manager of the restaurant where you were at dinner a few nights ago. People asked me to speak to you because they were bothered by the noise the little girl was making. You asked me if I knew what it means to have an autistic daughter. The truth is that I don't know, but I know what it means to be a father and make every sacrifice for one's children. 

«I wrote this message - continued Tony in his letter - because I want to thank both you and your little girl for giving me one of the best experiences of my long working career. That evening, I preferred not to lask you to move, even if this meant displeasing some customers. I did it because I realized that you can't make everyone happy, especially when it comes to doing the right thing, and that you always have to follow your heart." With affection, Tony Posnanski.>>


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