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Video Of Travels

Travel as much as possible because you can get more money but not always more time or unforgettable emotions

Each of us has a bucket list of our dreams. Some dreams, sooner or later, we manage to tick off our list; others maybe not. The important thing is to live an experience and find out for yourself. Because…

More than expensive toys, a trip is the most beautiful gift you can give a child

The marketing world submerges us with gift items designed to fill the world of childhood: so we quickly find the house submerged with toys, of which - almost as fast - the child will get tired of, to…

Some hilarious situations that can occur only in an airport waiting room!

Airports really represent micro-worlds; and not just for the size, or for the multitude and variety of people who pass through them every day; but also because it is the scene of such strange situations,…

Here comes the robot suitcase that follows you everywhere --- so you can move around without baggage weight!

Heavy bags are literally a burden. The trolley has revolutionized the concept of a suitcase by putting wheels on our luggage. However, today, in the age of automation and robotics, it will no longer be…

This unusual pair of friends take incredible trips together and enchant us with their photos!

It all began when mountain climber Cynthia Bennett and her partner decided to adopt a puppy dog named Henry and take him on the road with them. Henry was only 14 weeks old, but he was already brave enough…
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13 tourist destinations that in reality are not quite what you think!

When you go on a trip to a place you have never seen before, you have to put a lot of trust in the opinions of people who have already seen it, in the websites, and magazines that show photos of the…

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