Living on a cruise ship? Now you can,…
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Living on a cruise ship? Now you can, thanks to the company that sells apartments on their ship

September 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Let's face it: many would like to spend their entire lives on vacation to do whatever they want without time limits and plenty of money. But this dream is not an easy thing to realize. Yet there are some who do not think like this. The owners of a company that deals in cruises, for example, have taken this desire literally and designed apartments for sale on a ship.

Alister Punton, co-founder and CEO of the Storylines company, plans to launch its first residential cruise in 2024. The impressive ship will make its first departure from Croatia.

via: USA Today

The ship, named MV Narrative, will be equipped with 547 residences and a range of services. It will travel around the world and residents will be able to use the homes as permanent residences (or as second homes), so their travels never have to end. But what can travelers expect on board the MV Narrative?

"The MV Narrative will spend three to five days in most ports, giving those on board time to experience more than a usual cruise," said Punton. Homes range from one to four bedrooms, most with balconies, and residents can choose from "coastal or contemporary decor styles," according to the press release. Onboard, are 20 restaurants and bars, as well as a small pub, three swimming pools, a bowling alley, medical and fitness facilities, and other amenities. The ship will also offer a youth education program that can serve as a school for the children on board. "What better way to learn about the Roman Empire than by visiting the Colosseum in person?" commented Punton.

According to what was communicated by the company, the price of the residences starts from €1 million euros, up to €8 million euros. Some 24-year leases are also available, starting at around € 616,000. Residents will also need to pay an all-inclusive rate that covers most meals, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, laundry service, tips and more, which starts at € 61,564 per year and varies by price of the residence.

As with any other property, the houses purchased on board the ship can also be rented or resold. Would-be buyers will have to undergo an interview to assess their suitability to live on board and their compatibility with the rules of the small, floating city: "Storylines is a community in all respects, so it needs people from all walks of life," commented Punton.

Would you ever buy a floating home?

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